Loving Labor Day

Labor Day with cousins at Lot 9. It's a little spot of heaven on the North Tyger River. My parents build a cabin overlooking an old mill dam. It's a favorite spot for us to gather and play and I think meeting for Labor Day might be the beginning of a tradition. I can't think of a better way to say "Hello" to September and celebrate cousin Matthew's birthday. Mud, water, sand, boats, floats, food, more mud and water and sand and boats and floats and food. Endless games, fishing. Lots of fishing. Lots of blonde heads moving and bouncing and bounding and talking and giggling. They play until the sleep and sleep until the play.

Even though we live a half day's drive apart and visits are spare, the children don't skip a beat. I'm completely at rest watching this play and I love to tell William, "Uncle Micah is my brother. We grew up together. We played together when we were little like you." Having Micah as a brother is one of the treasures I've been given in this world and sharing a moment with his family and sharing his family with mine is absolutely positively delightful.


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