Busy As Bees

 Busy as bees as the bees busy themselves with late summer pollen from all the blooming weeds. George and the children have created a system of composting to amend the soil in the gardens. The temperature rises and turns the grass clippings and pea hulls to rich dark soil.
 And Amelia records the birds migrating. They settle in the trees and flutter above the grasses eating the bugs. She finds caterpillars and moths. Large caterpillars. The Imperial Moth comes from the one below.
 We pull the carpet from Amelia's room and expose gorgeous pine wood floors. Instant beauty.

 The beauty we find the artwork of Diego Valasquez. He loved to paint every day life, kitchen scenes, scenes from Bible stories from a visionary angle. He has the same props in the paintings. Amelia gets tickled when she finds another kitchen utensil he's painted in a different light, a different angle, a new use. They bring in a pile of veggies and eggs and paint their own still life. Amelia uses the garlic peels to make the silver back of the fish.


  1. Amelia's room looks so beautiful with the wood floors!!!


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