Days Like These

On days like these. The day that William can't communicate without a siren whine. The day George is gone from sun up to sun down. The day it rains all day long. The day that has clinging fingers on arm at all times. The day that sitting still doesn't happen. The day that I would happily walk out the front door if anyone walked in the front door willing to take a shift. Days like these. 
I'm glad to post pictures from the sunny day. From the day Amelia stayed cuddled with Laura Ingles Wilder for hours. The day they went out and played soccer while William hunted and drove his car all over the place and his airplane took off and landed over and over. The day George Wilder and William couldn't stop making music.  

It isn't supposed to be pure bliss and it isn't. Quick thinking is a must. We play legos, we put noodles through holes in a strainer, we toss a little ball, we build with blocks, we sing songs and more songs and more songs. We have warm soup for lunch and pasta for dinner. No one is sad. I don't even think William is sad. He is figuring out negotiating, will power, freedom, uncertainty, exhaustion, communication, team work. It isn't easy. I still don't think it is easy to figure that all out. In the meantime, trying to teach little guy how to navigate and control it is exhausting. I'm glad for a new day and I'm glad for today.


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