Watching, Observing, Testing, Collecting, Hypothesizing . . .

We do a lot of collecting around here. Experimenting. Observing. Watching. Discovering. Baking. 

Amelia built a terrarium. She wanted badly to have some reptiles to take care of that didn't die. We collect moths by the lights at night and crickets by day. The plants are blooming and growing. 

Amelia has a specimen table. She collects where ever she goes. It gives little things a place to land. Then we will sort and figure and take note.

 What floats and why? It seemed easy at first, but a day later, a long lesson with daddy that she was determined to finish, ended with piles of charts on density and volume and now she understands why a ship will float and a BB will sink.

 And George Wilder sinks BBs into cans and milk jugs. While Amelia watches the terrarium.
 And the boys help with dinner while Amelia collects more seeds for her seed project.


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