Easily Distracted

We are easily distracted by color and light and birds and sounds. It is a bit of a journey as a mother/teacher to figure out when to lure in and when to let the lines go. This education thing. It doesn't come in a box. It isn't something in a package. It doesn't have a weight or a number to judge what is or isn't happening or turning or evolving or developing within them. What is 100%? My children do not know. What is failure? They know not of that either. 

I'd thought we'd paint massive blown up flowers like Georgia O'Keffee, but the cow skull caught their eye and I let the lines go. How sweet to watch them create and mix and sketch.

And before then, we'd been talking about stars and I didn't have a clue that the sun was a dwarf star and that supernovas are a gravity battle between two stars until they explode. Distracted by photos from distant galaxies, the children lured me back in to their drawings of Novas and Neutrons and Variables and Dwarfs and Giants (Blue, White, Red, Brown).

And the trees always draw us in. If it is remotely climbable, Amelia is up and high and George Wilder isn't far behind her determined to make his way up up and away.  

Lucy stays focused on a six legged friend while we jump and watch and wonder. Wonder adds up to pure delight at Bird Song. A bird sanctuary not far from us. Amelia will sit for hours. We've taken friends with us and she is only slightly distracted before returning to watch and wait for new birds. She keeps a list and mama learns quickly to keep up and help identify. 

I didn't know about Georgia O'Keffee or the types of stars or the birds. I didn't know about the insect Lucy found. We are distracted by such beautiful lures. We are letting the line go!


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