We Are Thinking and Keeping Up With William.

We are thinking about color and space and props and direction. We are figuring out fractions and time and equations and problems and monetary value. William pours and puzzles and uses a lot of loud noises to let us know about his activity. Words are coming and we can hardly wait! 

 We crochet with sweet friend Emily. She visits for the weekend. We make music and talk and crochet and tickle and read and play games and nature walk and swim. Such sweetness.

 William wants to cook. He pulled out all the things he needed and told me what to do. I followed. A pan. Butter. A piece of bread. It was actually four pieces but I put three back. Cinnamon, sugar and a spatula. I turned the stove on and we said hot back and forth. I stayed close while he sprinkled the cinnamon so carefully and the sugar not so carefully. He was making french toast I am sure that is what he had in mind. He wouldn't eat it though. . . . .


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