Nature Walk In The Yard

Wiggly children were sent outside to find spiders and report back. We would take pictures and do some identifying and spider anatomy diagraming. The hunt turned into a wildlife special -- something you'd find on BBC. And of course our own little critters were so curious. They kept a close eye on our adventure. First we found piles of cicada shells. Big massive ones stuck to the side of the house. Read the captions to catch the story that unfolded . . . 

 A writing spider's egg sack.
 A vineyard spider. I think.
 A massive writing spider
 The egg that Amelia caught a large oak snake attempting to swallow. Lucy scared the snake. The snake regurgitated it and then had a bit of a tiff with Lucy before we salvaged the egg in perfectly fine condition. We ate it in our cornbread! We ate an egg that a snake ate!
 This is Clint. It was her egg that we saved from the snake and later ate!
 Gorgeous fungus growing here and there and everywhere right now. Florida's afternoon rain showers make them happy.
 Curious hen following us around. She doesn't have a name.
Happy friends cuddle for a morning nap. I love these ladies.


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