Art Studies

We are working on an artist a week. We started with Wassily Kadinsky. Then we did Henri Matisse. I love loved studying his work. And this week we are studying Andy Goldsworthy. 

He used to be a Math Professor and now focuses mainly on his art. He uses only things found in nature and does a lot of work with ice, dirt, rocks, soil, leaves, sticks, etc. He has a bit of a circular theme. Look him up, his work is brilliant. We set out into the yard to build our own art work. It was such a perfect morning. The light was beaming down on us and it was a bit cooler than it has been. Even William worked diligently on his art piece.

We also tried a fun project while sweet friend Emily visited for the weekend. It was rainy so we set it up inside. It is a fantastic idea, but don't try it in your kitchen -- especially with a two year old. 

 William works on his Goldsworthy style art project.
 Amelia working on her Goldsworthy art work.
 George Wilder wouldn't let me look at his until he finished, so I stood behind him as the sun came over the house. Such an incredible sun beam!
 George Wilder's finished product.
 Williams finished product
 Amelia did the one above and the one below.
 Mama made snack to match!


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