Traveling Towards The Sun

The travel window opened. We jumped through. It will mean friends and grandmother and granddaddy and Ema and Abuelo and cousins and aunts and uncles. It has been too long and we are ready.

After all, I’ve joined the mini van army and it’s time to be all I can be. . .

George stayed behind to write.  We organized it as best we could and headed north.

Our first visit was with the dear Adams family in Columbus Georgia. Clare captures play just beautifully. Jack, Esme, and Titus are just as willing, if not more, to jump into building traps and fishing with dead frogs and digging in the mud  . . .

After playing our hearts out, we climbed into the van again and headed to the farm.

Oh what fun. Fun in the SUN! It is out and bright and warm. Grandmother's flowers are brilliant. The bees are busy grazing from flower to flower. 

Cooking with seed pods, flower petals, leaves, old grain, and a little powdered paint led to rinsing off in tubs collecting water from the washing machine grandmother was trying out.

William plays until nap and the children watch BBC documentaries with grandmother while I run in the heat of the day. The first heat of the day all summer!

Off to swim and back again for hamburgers and bedtime.


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