Riding High

Before we left on our grand adventure, I asked the children what they would like to do while we were in Georgia. Amelia quickly announced her desire to go horseback riding. Fortunately, grandmother's neighbor, Laurie, is a horseback riding instructor and was available to give lessons this morning at 9:30 sharp. 

She walked the children by the trees to meet Biscuit and Cookies and through the stable to meet Tennessee, Buddy, Ginger, Ms. Kitty, and Punkin. William wanted to repeat the walk over and over again. "Mas" he says, for more. We did "mas" and "mas" and "mas" while the children brushed and saddled Tennessee and straight through their lessons.

  Laurie walked and talked with them. She gave them full responsibility. "You are in charge." She kept saying it to the children. Four big words pushed together for two children that know responsibility, but mostly for chickens and beans on a vine.

While George Wilder had his lesson, Amelia visited the chickens. She documented their color and size and interviewed Laurie to make sure that Laurie knew what sort of chickens she had and that Amelia knew the ones she wasn't sure about.
 The heat boxed us in tight. George Wilder pushed right through it though. He was sure before he left that Punkin and he would spend some time together. Laurie guided him through a lesson leading Punkin. George Wilder must have felt that they had kindred spirits with their matching blonde locks.
 He was last but not least. I popped William up on Tennessee's back. He was certain and sure and glad. We walked him round a bit and he rode content and confident. He wasn't ready to dismount, so we parked Tennessee and they visited while George Wilder finished his walk with Punkin.

The children, I don't know how, are happily soaking in the hot sun. I found Amelia outside sitting directly in the sun, five feet from the shade, happily putting together more of her natural delicacies. I asked her to move to the shade and she begged me to let her stay in the sun. We talked a bit about how the sun is wonderful but that we can't let it burn our skin!

And now it is shining elsewhere and all is quiet as the munchkins are reloading for more adventures.


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