Did You Know?

 Did you know that carrots are beautiful on top? Their greens are bright and full. The green part isn't  tasty. The chickens like them.

Did you know that bees guard their hive at night. Not just one or two. They create a wall. A barrier with their bodies. And they have a sort of runway at the entrance to the hive. We sit and watch them pass messages, circle this way and that and then take off. It is brilliant, this bee keeping business.

Did you know that we are crazy about wild animals, tame animals, baby animals, dead animals? We are. George was helping a friend today and they (from a safe distance) killed a massive cotton mouth snake. They brought it home for the children to see and got to work on some fencing. The snake didn't get buried, but it moved. . . . We were a little concerned until I walked to the road and a huge red shouldered hawk flew up right from the spot where the snake was. It was eating it for dinner, thus dragging it around the yard a bit.

Speaking of birds. Did you know, Amelia is our bird girl? She knows her birds and we are in the perfect state for bird watching. She recognizes and identifies new birds daily. Today we spotted a fly catcher in the back yard along with the red shouldered hawk. We have a swallow tail kite that flies around the house and a resident barn owl and (I know they are not birds) the bats sure help keep the bug population under control. Birds are everywhere always. I stopped to listen to them today and it was a symphony of sound.

And if that wasn't enough. Did you know that one our neighbors gave us a rooster about two months ago? And it was right in time for a hen to turn broody. So we tucked 9 eggs under her 21 days ago. Two baby chicks emerged today!

Did you know that our neighbors are the Blessings? They are really the Blessings and that is exactly what they are. Faith and Hope are to fun. Faith loves to play the fiddle with George and lead the children in games and Hope, Amelia and George Wilder create fun for hours. Tara is a gardener and artist and friend. They have chickens and goats. Seth is a fire fighter and is just as adventurous as George.

Tonight the children were the Rosemary Band jumping away on the trampoline. . . .

Did you know I can't find anything in Home Depot? I can't. George and I have the worst arguments over my trips to Home Depot. I'm usually very good at finding things. A flashlight, keys, toys, a pair of shoes, a very important bolt. This doesn't follow suit at Home Depot. George can give me a list of two or ten things. I happily make the trip, but then, upon arrival, I clam up. It is a ware house of things that don't compute with my wiring. He needed fence staples. They are with the nails. I walked the row 10 times and I didn't find them. Finally, after asking two orange aprons, I was able to get some help and collect the staples. That was a successful trip to the Home Depot. I went TWICE this week and got the wrong locks. I shouldn't volunteer to go, but for some reason, there is a buried hope that it can't be that hard to find. I do know the plant section and the paint section, but beyond that, I'm lost in Home Depot.


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