Garden Happiness

Tonight we had the first fruits. Pesto from fresh basil and crisp lettuce and collard green salad. Oh my goodness! Incredible. It was Amelia's first batch of solo pesto. 

Amelia has her own patch this year. Corn, okra, pumpkins, and peas and dill. She tends it so carefully. She spends hours out in the garden making sure the new sprouts are happy and the ones getting their fourth and sixth set of leaves have been accounted for. 

George Wilder loves to hoe and watch and report. William knows what not to pull and what not to step on but he can't quite figure out what his job is, so he just talks and walks and keeps us company. If we are not in the garden, he wants us to put his shoes on so he can be in the garden.

The beans have reached their spiraled fingers nearly five feet up the line. One tomato plant has at least 15 blooms on it. The herbs are stretching and growing up and out. 

Mint. Dill. Thyme. Parsley. Cilantro. Basil. Garlic. Rosemary. Oregano.
I love the smells of the fresh herbs growing. They smell so clean. I want to add more, but I'll make sure these stay healthy first. 


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