Chatting, Camping, and Castles

 He stands on the chair because that means he can reach us and converse with us. He speaks another language, but we are catching on. He stands on the chair because he will be eye to eye with Amelia and  closer to the pop corn and crayons and salsa and glue sticks and math problems. If I turn away for an instant, he will climb on top and plop in the exact middle of it all. His curls dance around his head. It moves all day from here to there. He practices and plays and creates and converses. He matches and puzzles and chats and sings and dances with the thump of just one foot. He wakes up looking for his sister and then a chance to cuddle with daddy. A cuddle with William involves his body perpendicular to our necks as he stares towards the sky and chats away or rolls around a bit.
And he did quite a bit of rolling through the night on first William camping trip last weekend. It was camping at its finest. George Wilder is ready to set up the tent and Amelia built our fires. We found the perfect camping spot, which miraculously involved a bluegrass camp for the kids! 

A cowboy hat and a kilt. A spray bottle, some old chalk and some sea shells. An old Thanksgiving candle. A bouquet of yard flowers. A clump of rescued plants from the garden. Old bricks stacked into a two foot wall. An old piece of fencing. Two wooden chairs. 
A castle. 
A grand castle kept tidy and inviting. 
She doesn't stop caring for her space. It is just that, but it is hers and she has created it. I keep bringing her little pieces of this and that to give it some character, but her character is inviting enough. She journals about it. She has been dreaming about it. If we are not in the middle of a lesson or a meal or in out of the rain -- she is there. William toddles along behind her. He sits with her there and chats and throws the remnants of an old baseball Amelia found in the dirt right there in the castle! 
My garden is growing right beside the castle so I'll thin my lettuce and transplant the garlic and, of course, spray for bugs while she chats about her latest activities or invites me to have my hands painted with her new paint. 


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