Nontoxic Blues

Reset buttons are brilliant. Reset refocuses, renews, rebuilds, reenters. Last Wednesday, we drove to Warner Robins to be with dearest friend Kelly and clan. Both Kelly and I were prepared for the children to need help reentering into each other's worlds after being apart for eight months. Not so. They didn't skip a beat. Their imaginations set right to work and they played alongside each other for hours on end. Kelly and I followed the two toddlers around and soaked in each other and ideas. We walked and ate and played and read stories. Kelly listens and hears and inspires and forgives and loves. It was a reset. It was nourishment.

George was able to reset and refocus at home. The quiet house is always a haven for him a spawning ground for ideas and, of course, uninterrupted fiddle practice. I believe he carries within him ideas that the world will find inspiring. Like the globe now hanging at our front entrance.

A week has passed. I feel like the blues are washing away. Fortunately for William, his blues were non-toxic and the snake was red on black - a friend of Jack.....

A milk snake nestled in a rotten tree trunk. Explosion of fascination and detailed observations by Amelia. She is a testimony of finding glory in the tiny and magnificent. Today we painted a neuron, tomorrow we will label it. 


  1. Love it!! Love it all! So glad you were able to hang out with Kelly and kids. :-) Miss you all, and I hope George is thriving at the new job!


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