Barefoot in January

Sitting in a sun beam with William. In the grass. Barefoot. Except for the one moccasin on his right foot hanging on for dear life. He is trying to plug the camera into the download cord. The sheep pull and eat the grass growing. Lucy rolls around in the warmth. The children are in the back yard playing with Amelia’s birthday presents from grandmother.

The wind lifts a leaf and lets it down again, so gently. Gentle. It is a gentle day.

It was cold enough for gloves and an ear warmer for a long run this morning. Oh the glorious cold air filling up lungs and blood. Oxygen. Tap tap of feet. The road is solace and silent so early.

The children played their fiddles with daddy after breakfast before we settled into school work and Daddy took off on the motorcycle for school.We poured outdoors as the day warmed and picnicked before collecting our seeds and planting greens because we can. It will be a contest with the bugs. I want to win this competition. Greens in our bellies – not theirs. Hoping.

Gentle. Oxygen. Hope.

I’ve put a little piece on the backsplash at the kitchen sink. "Sing, Smile, and Serve". How to combine all of this together for a daily life of gentleness, hope, and air and joy? Everyday. Every afternoon at 4:30 when it is time to make dinner and silence is nowhere and noises tug at my legs and arms and brain and hair and things burn and brake and don’t ask each other for forgiveness and use harsh words and demand and forget to help. Can I do it then? Or at 11:30 a.m. when the sentence has words hard to read but she can do it but she cries instead of trying. Or when the song doesn’t come on the fiddle. How can we encourage and correct with Gentle air?

Today we read a book – an Indian Legend. The quote at the beginning said, “I dance because I am rich.” I am rich and if I forget, I should dance and I think I will remember to sing and smile and serve….
 William art work. And I think he is going to be left handed like his mama!!!

 How did seven years go by? Amelia is such a joy!

 William is so content. His favorite place to be is in the middle of it all. 


  1. I know I just saw you guys, but how is she seven? And how are you barefoot when it's below zero here? And how did William learn to write his numbers and letters so fast, and with his left hand? :)


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