Waffle Friday And The Museum of Fine Art

Waffle Friday. Children on stools with happy plates of warm crusty waffles.
They wanted to hear the Stoning of Stephen Story in lieu of our discussion about persecution spreading the gospel. They sat perfectly still while eating waffles and dipping them in whipped cream (Thank you Okies for that) and listened to the entire story of Stephen. It is such a hard beautiful story. 

Off like a shot after 100 questions.
Feed chickens, water plants (we have a garden in October), create something while still in pajamas in the cool of the morning. 

William takes a miracle nap.
Mama actually showers, dresses, brushes hair AND teeth and has the house in order.

Now we stop and read for awhile. Amelia is really picking it up and George Wilder loves to hear her read. Beauty!

Lunch on the porch, project using rulers and tape and cardboard and paperclips and rubberbands. They put together their little cars and spring them into action. A ruler and the inch is fun.

William naps again.
Daddy does math on the chalkboard.

Mama goes for a four mile run. 

William wakes up. He is very loud right now. He wants to walk, he wants to talk, he wants to eat, and he so desperately wants to do exactly what Amelia and George Wilder are doing. He is into EVERYTHING. 

Make a meal for pregnant friend. 

Potatoes and cookies bake.

Amelia and mama explore the map. 

Dinner is ready to deliver. William is fussy. 

File into car. Daddy drops us at the park to splash in the lake.

William thinks he can swim. He can't, he just wants to dive with the children. Mama's arms ache but so does my belly from laughing at the children.

George delivers meal and returns to get us.

Rush home. Eat dinner fast.

Put on fancy clothes. William is loud. William is fussy. Load up the car.

Head to the Museum of Fine Art.

This was not on the agenda, but then it suddenly appeared there. Nothing was really on the agenda today and it was so grand, so, why not? Off we go. Friend Rob will have his artwork on display.

William sleeps again.

I wait in the car. George texts me. "This is crazy awesome."

Wake William. Strap him on.

Walk inside. What a mix of beauty. Beautiful artwork. Crazy artwork.
Man spray painted silver. Man spray painted blue. Lady in bright pink. All singing in a box with crazy lights, etc. Kids mesmorized. William is quiet and having a blast.

There is recycled artwork, Indian artifacts, old old sketches, paintings that make red paint look like velvet falling to the floor. A quilted canvas made up of old pictures from thrift stores. Bright colors, brown colors. Amelia referred to one odd piece as "just gross".
She asked so many questions and absorbed it all. My short answers were not answers. She needed in depth information. 
I am not an artist. I became one tonight. We explored depth and color and reasoning. We used the word antithesis. We used the word "weird" and "DON'T TOUCH".
Back home. Out of fancy clothes. Into pajamas again.


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