Pears and Persimmons

New towns mean wrong turns on occasion. Last week, I was trying to get to a soccer field and turned into a no outlet neighborhood. Amelia spotted two fruit trees heavy with fruit. We haaaaad to stop "Please Mom." After the soccer field was found and play accomplished, we drove back through the wrong neighborhood (this time on purpose) to find out about the trees. No one was home, so I tore off a piece of paper, jotted a note and tucked it in the front door.

A sweet lady called a few days later and said she would love for us to come pick the fruit because they don't do anything with it! Amelia was delighted. We headed over Sunday afternoon. What a treasure we found! A sweet family with twin teenagers. One climbed onto her dads shoulders to shake pears down from the tree. Amelia was in the persimmon tree plucking away. 

As the children played under the trees, the dad took me on a tour of his yard. He has planted all sorts of fruits and veggies all over the yard. Peach tree, cherry trees, banana tree! Peppers, asparagus, potatoes, ginger, pomegranate. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was an urban garden paradise. A beautifully landscaped edible yard. He said, "Come grocery shopping in our yard any time!"

I of course was about to burst and wanted George to see it. We will go back soon as we didn't even make a dent in the persimmon tree! 

The fruit is gigantic! The pears are massive. I've only processed some tonight. Piles of pears await peeling and preserving.

Thinking about some persimmon jelly. If anyone has ever done this or has a recipe for it, please pass it along.

It was a surreal, glorious moment. A time on this earth where worlds collided, overlapped briefly and monumentally. . .  

Just the other day, I thought I'd love to try to make jelly for the first time, but couldn't for the life of me think of where I was going to find a surplus of fruit. We fell into it! 

The pears are soaking tonight in sugar and lemon juice. Persimmons are ripening. 

A harvest from a local neighbor!


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