Making Color

George Wilder is a bit confused. We celebrated the first day of fall. We danced and sang and talked about a change in the seasons. The science behind it. They cool air. The colorful leaves. "Why are the leaves still green? Why can't we see any colorful leaves?"

George hopped up to North Carolina to help a friend and returned with apples and apple cider, but that still didn't make the leaves turn or the temperature drop. We've made hot tea in the afternoon and homemade bread and pear sauce. We have pumpkins. We have a lovely fall tree that helps us learn the months and days. No colorful leaves. Ninety degrees.

The rains have stopped and the air is dry and a breeze doth blow. We stay outside and climb and talk and build and jump and work in the garden. It is still very warm however.
George Wilder's first dragon after discovering Chinese Dragon Art.

Instead of heading towards the mountains, we hit the coast. I loaded the children in the car and headed for the beach. We visited a local aquarium. So very local. Sandy floors, volunteers. Happy faces. Tubs with tons of specimens to hold. Tubs with sharks and sea turtles. Nose to nose with giant turtles while their flippers nearly pat us "hello". Wonderful exhibits. 

A beautiful day. Picnic on the beach. Play in the water. Review our invertabrates and numbers in the car. Write about the day. Read a few books and home again.

The kids made this on their own. I don't think it has passed safety regulations, but it sure is fun!
There is a pause. There is a change. It isn't in the color of the leaves or the crispness of the air. I've discovered it is silly to depend on a change in the seasons to recharge us or give us something to "do". Instead, I see that there is something about stopping and recognizing that time passes and we can reflect on how that impacts us. We celebrate because we have time to soak in this beautiful world, to establish friendships, to learn, and to serve. We still wear flip flops and sundresses, sleeveless and sunscreen. We still sweat buckets and drink lots of cold beverages. And the "to do" is surrounding us. We have letters to write, stories to write, flowers to plant (because we still can!), music to learn, fish to catch, friends to dance through the play ground with.

We will shout when we find our first colorful leaf, but we are not holding our breath. We are going swimming and making color as we go!

A few of you wanted to know what our house looked like inside, so I took this. I'll paint the peach off eventually . . . . 

Amelia's dragon, dolphin, and other colorful artwork.


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