Talking Trash

It is Monday night. The night I must remember. It is important. The trash truck will come early and I better be ready. It is pitch black out and a bit wet. Take the last bag from the past week and trudge to the end of the drive. Fling back massive lid, sling trash bag, whack it in. Fling shut massive lid, roll to the edge of the road. Face the right direction. And like magic -- tomorrow by 7:30 a.m. all the trash from the last week will miraculously disappear from life never to be seen or smelled again. Brilliant! How grand.

If it were so grand. That trash has to go somewhere. It has to keep stinking and being trash. It has to slowly attempt to decompose somewhere in this world. It is a law. The law of conservation of mass. Well, trash isn't doing much conserving. It is always rolling around in my mind. This whole trash controversy. It is quite nice to have an efficient way to deal with trash. It keeps things clean and neat and takes away germs and rotting things that I don't ever want to see again. It keeps bugs away. It keeps away sickness. But it takes it somewhere.

Several years ago, I decided our family could manage with only two bags of trash a week. With recycling and composting, it is fairly easy to do. Even with diapers (I'd love to say I do cloth as not to create more waste, but I don't).

So I've started to think that perhaps we can manage with one bag a week. It would mean only 4 bags a month.
So it is Monday night. The trash is gone tomorrow morning. Then a new week. Can I do it? One bag of trash this week? If we recycle everything that is recyclable and compost every piece of food . . . I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Most weeks we go with only one bag of trash, but there is only three of us. However, once we have a yard I could composte too and have even less trash!


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