Fungus Among Us

It is a jungle out there. The rain and the green and the millipedes and the snakes and the rodents and the growing grass and growing trees and spanish moss. The rain is wonderful and it cools us. It fell in big flops and flips and drips yesterday. We were inside all day. Our skin was wiggly. Our legs and fingers jumped around. Buckets and bowls and puddles and pans filled with water.

Finally it wasn't pouring rain or lightening and thundering. We were having such fun inside. Amelia and George Wilder had an epic adventure going. Their two biggest stuffed animals have saddles and ride on the water as they go from room to room with crisis and visits to relatives and medical needs. William wants to help empty the dishwasher over and over. He doesn't need anything to play with but the silverware basket void of all sharp utensils.

We abandon dishwasher and stuff animal and head out. William strapped to back. I'd noticed lots of mushroom and fungal growth taking place in the damp wood so I thought we'd go on a nature walk to start off the morning. We documented over 21 types of fungus and mushroom. We found berries and caterpillars. Massive colorful berries and bugs. It was such fun. Tomorrow we will try to name them. The library didn't have books on mushrooms or fungi. They had to track them down, so we await identification. . . .

 After a little history and math and writing, Amelia painted birds and George Wilder set up a little restaurant. I love his ideas and made up names. William took inventory of all the cookie cutters. They sure were all there and all over the floor. What fun!

Night is here. Children rest.
George sits at the other end of the table practicing the violin. He will be a master in no time. He just plays one song after another.


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