Dreaming of Gold

When I was a girl, we borrowed a television and moved around the little rabbit ears with aluminum foil enough to keep the static at a minimum. I watched Mary Lou Retton win a gold, on a blurry black and white screen the size of a large cereal box. We didn't have a television but we did during the Olympics. I don't know where it came from, but I'm glad my parents knew every child should watch the Olympics.

I still don't own a T.V. I can't sit still enough to watch anything and I really don't like the noise of it. I've thought I'd like to watch the Olympics, but haven't thought to make a big deal about it.

We are at the farm. There is a television. The Olympics are in full swing. I'm glued. Can't stop watching. Amelia and George Wilder are peeled. Four hours of it last night. Four today. Equestrian events -- There is a horse here. Shady. Shady is now an Olympic event. Amelia spent over an hour just riding and riding.

Sincronized Swimming. We did flips and turns in the pool. Toes pointed.
Diving. Amelia went from jumping off the diving board to cutting front AND back flips. Overnight.

We have Olympic Sleeping. Olympic Eating. George Wilder ordered that one. Slaw and Chicken and Dumplings. The meal of champions. He watched the rowers. We rowed across the carpet.
Volleyball. We've played volleyball.

Running. I dream I'm running the Olympic marathon. I dream that I can do it. Push through the pain, figure out what it takes. Run.

We watch track and field and I can't help but stretch and move and stand and do sit ups and push ups. I wake at 6:30. Nurse. Strap on my shoes. Think Gold. It didn't make me fast. It's hot. I'm slow. Been sick.

But I'm 35 and I still think one day. . .

My children are young enough to dream of One Day . . .

I will let them. It is a beautiful dream.

I can't wait to play and watch more Olympics Tomorrow.

Until then, The USA men's volley ball team and Latvia are head to head. . . . .


  1. No TV or way to watch olympics here either, but I watched the 5 min. best moments of usa vs. canada soccer yesterday and was so full of energy and excitement. I can't wait to watch the game on Thursday - even if I go to a bar all by myself! Oh, and I learned all my gymnastics watching the olympics and re-playing slow motion - back flips, handsprings, etc. Such fun memories! Hope you're having a great trip...


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