Poison Ivy and Parasites

Two weeks ago, my stomach started cutting flips and nausea struck and the like. Simultaneously, poison ivy grew in massive patches down my arms, on my belly, on my face.

Neither improved for a week. I started getting really weak, losing weight, feeling like the world was collapsing. Ten days passed. No improvement. To just check, even though I was sure it wasn't the case, I took a pregnancy test. Of course that would not explain the horrible case of poison ivy, but maybe the nausea.

I am definitely not pregnant. I went to the doctor. She didn't have a lot of answers. I must of looked pretty rough because she wanted to do a CT scan. We decided that perhaps we should not jump straight to that. I called around for some advice. Several suggested Ghiardia. So I had the proper tests run. Yep. Ghiardia.

It feels good to have a diagnosis and some antibiotics. We are having to do some serious timing of meds and pumping and dumping for William, but much better than hospital stays or something more serious.

Ironically, at the same time, four years ago we were moving into life in Athens. I had the exact horrible poison ivy reaction and George Wilder had salmonella! Hmmmm.

I'm thinking there is a welcome wagon that comes with bread and cheese and wine and flowers is there not?

We have been swimming a good bit in the local lake and I think that I was pretty worn down from the move, and making bubbles for William in that water wasn't the best idea. Lesson learned.

It is nice to feel better and eat some food and not have such a heavy head. My mom was here visiting and it could not have been at a better time. She kept us fed and clean! Thanks Mom!

Off to rest.


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