First Lessons

Amelia loves to learn. She soaks up the opportunity to put her hands to work. Projects. She always wants a project. Lately she has completely wiped our popsicle sticks supply making the cutest little boxes. She rediscovered melty beads and in doing so found that you can make some serious patterns (thanks Sam Taylor) with the colors on the itty bitty rows of dots on each shape. She brought her love for birds into the deal and made a bird house on one.

We got a new lawnmower! First thing she wants to do -- Learn how to mow the lawn. Clad in protective gear, she set to work. It is self propelled, but so is Amelia!

Amelia finds flowers in the yard and bunches them together. Then she adds sticks and strands of grass and then weaves them together with a monkey grass piece or some other longish wild thing. They are beautiful. She sees such beauty in the pieces of her life.

When we discovered a beautiful horse stable offering lessons just 3 miles down the road, we took Amelia straight there. She loves it of course. She will have her third lesson Tuesday. They don't work with four year, olds, but the violinist/fiddler George met does . . .

It is in their blood. It courses through their veins. I could not believe it. Both Amelia and George Wilder had their first violin lesson last week. When they came home, Amelia picked up the bow and when she pulled the bow across that violin, I shivered. George Wilder seemed more interested at the lesson, and George and I decided if Amelia didn't want to, we wouldn't push it, but in one weeks time has loved practicing with daddy, and George has improved a good bit as well!

George Wilder is a little young for horse lessons but I love to hear him play the violin. And he is such a character. He is our resident Goldbug hunter. Here he sits on Amelia's bed, lounging in the jungle room doing a little Goldbug hunting before bed.


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