Filling Up Fast

An afternoon storm took out the power and it has just returned. We cooked spaghetti on the turkey frier and George boiled water for some coffee with his camp stove equipment while the children watched wide eyed. A science lesson I suppose. We've gone through candles since we've moved. Our emergency candle collection nearly didn't make the trip to Florida because we've never used it, and George was sure it was good to have. Good to have and glad to have it!

This last week has been so wonderfully full. We started out last week meeting some new friends for a swim. Swimming is crucial here. We are still always looking for swimming holes!

Wednesday I took the children on a quick a trip to Columbus, Georgia to visit with my dear friend Clare and her family. We soaked in boat rides, tea parties, art projects, animal visits, sand piles at the site where they are building their new home, great food, more boat trips, dirt digging . . . Clare is filled with project ideas. She is filled with joy and life always. It was such a beautiful time. Until we were 20 minutes from home, the children thought we should return for a longer visit! Clare blogs about her adventures at

Amelia took this. We just laughed and laughed!

George Wilder dressed in scrubs from Aunt Mary

One of the many beautiful shade trees at the lake!

Rain Dance

First Rain Dance with First Blueberry Feast Stains

Spaghetti dinner cooking on the front porch during the storm.

We returned here to Cousin John and family (George's dear cousin that the children only know as "Cousin John"). Their two year old Smith kept right up with our two on the trampoline, with the chickens, bike rides, and a trip to our nature museum to visit with the red wolves, visiting Madagascar Lemurs, Panthers, Black Bears, Massive Alligators and more. Kim kept up the pace beautifully with baby Owen.

This week we've already played with new friends, taken a dip at the local lake, discovered the Fresh Market, danced in the rain storm, and moved William to his own room.

George has a record playing almost always with wonderful music he has started collecting. The children love to take turns picking out records.

We've found a fantastic Goodwill up the road, a stable where Amelia can take horseback riding lessons, and George has already found some fellow musicians to jam with.

Amelia is crazy about art projects, so George and I have started in on a few with her. He has painted a beautiful bird on a piece of tin he cut like a bird and I painted with some collage work behind it.


  1. Amelia is quite the photographer (though William may disagree one day) :-) Great pics and great art projects. Also liked your description of the dinner made during a power outtage. I can see that Gulf storms will be no challenge for you. Think tough!


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