Important Days

Amelia drew a picture of George's wounds last Friday when he came home from the hospital. A week later, I dropped the two older children off at a birthday party, slipped into a fancy dress, strapped William on and headed to the Coliseum to watch George's hooding ceremony. He is finally finished. This chapter is closed. It has been a beautiful and hard experience. I don't want to say goodbye to it, but it feels so good and right to do so. 

Some people in this world take really good photos, especially of important occasions. Well, we manage pretty good photos of every day life, but when we have to pull it together on important days, we just don't manage as well. Well, here we are on a very important day. 

This is sweet Donna. She served as George's advisor and was a committee member, cheerleader, friend, music lover, the list is endless. We are so very thankful for Donna.
And George's parents. They have been huge supporters of this endeavor. They are obviously proud of George!


  1. thank you for posting these pics. caught up on your blog...made me miss you so. you are amazing.




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