Losing Groceries And My Mind At Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is less than three miles from our house, but it isn't on the way to anything and I'm glad for that. Wal-Mart is definitely a place I can do without, but then there are toothbrushes, razors, diapers, wipes, pony tail holders and mouth wash that are hard to get all at the same time for a bargain price and fairly necessary items. However, the more trips to the oversized box on the side of the road, I grow frustrated, mad, and even angry at the thing I am doing. Buying cheap because it is good for me. Big plastic containers filled my cart. Cheap sunglasses, plastic razors, large plastic bottle with green stuff for nice breath. All disposable stuff. All of it will be thrown away within a month or two! It is like garbage before it is garbage. I guess everything is that, but not at such a fast pace I guess. Off to produce. I get mango and kiwi and bananas and carrots. This is good. These are nutritious elements of our diet, but not local and not seasonal and they only take up about 1/20th of the entire store.
Check out. Bag after bag. There were bags in bags oddly enough. Plastic bags wadded up in the bottom of my plastic bags. I asked her not to bag the bagged items and then grabbed my other items off the round spinny thing that holds all the plastic bags. And, it doesn't matter how hard I look, I always always leave a bag! So, the nuts, the sour cream and the cream cheese didn't make it home. Ugh.

As I drove home, I sort of had to shake off the frustration of lines, piles, can't find things, I deserve this and that attitude. I remembered why that isn't a destination of choice and filed away how I can avoid it all together if possible. They do have great socks and undergarments and mouth wash. . . I'm eager for thoughts on how to work through or around this frustration.


  1. Yeah, I agree totally. It was so far from my house before that I am pretty sure I haven't been there in well over a year, so it CAN be done, but now that it's around the corner I have been tempted to stop in for the convenience or because everything else is closed. So I am thinking if I never make that first step, I'm in the clear. Like I'm in Wal-Anon or something :). Best of luck to you in your efforts! KEC


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