Hello Day

The quiet early morning. Birds chirping. Everyone still sleeping. Nothing undone or created yet. Steinbeck calls it the "hour of pearl". I'm cuddled up with a blanket and the computer and a book. Where will the day take us? It is already packed with appointments and learning and this and that. For now, there isn't pressure to be mom, wife, cook, maid, creator, thinker, disciplinarian. It is this that recharges even more than sleep. How will we handle each moment today? How can we laugh and hug and discover? What will we build or draw?

Yesterday Amelia drew bird houses and George Wilder, fire trucks. George sat at the table with them and showed them how to use squares and rectangles to draw with depth. I couldn't believe that George Wilder pressed on until he could manage some depth in his fire truck and Amelia giggled a bit when she saw the beauty of it.

She painted a picture that was "artistic" with a flower and a bat and a butterfly. Then she painted one that was "fancy".  It was a spiny fish flower.

George Wilder made me coffee with old coffee grounds and an empty can and some water from the hose. I pretend to taste it and he loves this.

George made an Etheopian feast for our dear friend Donna and Jack. Jack ordered Tej - honey wine and it arrived at his door step an hour before they came for dinner! We had chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

William wants to watch all of this. He is pulling at an ear and a bit fussy. He wants to chew on everything. There is a tooth coming I'm sure. He will be five months old tomorrow.

Tess, our oldest chicken at four years old, has paralysis in her legs. She is Amelia's best chicken and friend. She is comfortably resting and waiting. Her eggs are falling apart inside of her and that is what led to the paralysis. George discovered what her ailment is and there is nothing we can do for her. She is the second of two chickens I named. I've never named any of our chickens except these two. Lady Bird died about a year ago, but Tess has been our friend. It is hard to say goodbye.

This hour of pearl slips. Hello day!


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