Breakfast of Champions.

This morning George Wilder thought cereal would make a nice breakfast; however, I'd already made grits and eggs. He does really like grits and eggs, but he soured in a split second and, no matter how hard he tried, he could not pull up out of the pit of breakfast despair!

We've told him that whiners can't stay in our house, so we sent him out to the back porch with his breakfast.

Now the weather is quite pleasant. So pleasant that Amelia thought we should all go out for a picnic breakfast, but that would defeat the purpose. So, George Wilder sat with his breakfast and cried and cried. Then he figured he wasn't getting very far with the crying, so he enjoyed his breakfast and came inside happy and whine free.

Some mornings I should probably eat my breakfast outside as well. It was definitely the breakfast of a champion this morning!


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