Running and Rhythm.

A lettuce patch in January. Chocolate brown eggs. Emu feathers. Surface tension experiments. Little man William. Bath time William. Typical January's feel bleak and gray. This warm, spring like entrance into 2012 is full of color and activity. We've found a rhythm with William and warmth. Now, I don't know that anyone could make music out of it, but it is a rhythm.

The step step step of my feet hit the pavement. It is the beat my feet make on a brisk morning run. My legs still burn on the hills, but to run again is beautiful. I breathe in and out and close my eyes. It is so quiet. There is such solace in the silence surrounding me and the letting go of everything except the basic need to breathe in and out in and out. After a mile, my thoughts form order. They shape into prayers, ideas, and strategies for the day. I think through the last 24 hours and contemplate what I could have done differently or better. I consider how to build on a lesson we are working through, I pray for grace and gentleness. I think of how to love better and laugh more. The last mile I concentrate fully on the run. What are my arms doing? My legs? How am I breathing? Is this form correct? Once I'm home, there is no stopping to stretch. I will be stretched enough once I walk through the back door.


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