Out of the mouths of babes . . .

The simple smiles of sweet William are precious. He has a great collection of noises and coos. He is reaching out and grabbing. He is looking and watching and smiling, especially at the children. He is so very content and laid back. Laid back? We are not sure where that came from.

It was MLK Day yesterday. I told Amelia and George Wilder it was a holiday, so we spent some time on the internet watching some footage from the civil rights movement and talked about how some people don't treat other people fairly. We've talked a good bit about slavery already and why it is wrong. After our little youtube extravaganza, we collected some paper and colored pencils and sat at the table to make some cards. I went to put William down for a nap and returned to this picture. Amelia explained that the brown person was chained down by the white person. She said it was a picture of who "that man" was trying to help. Wow. George Wilder drew an airplane, a pair of pants, and a big "Y". Not as thought provoking but very cool!


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