As we explode here with diapers, dinners, and dirt, George's mind explodes with how to piece together his research data into information that will help other educators in the future and bring an end to his studies here at UGA. He is in the thick of working on his dissertation.

When George's mind is on a roll, it doesn't just roll in academia, it rolls on out into the kitchen and right into the music room/office/play room. It is always a surprise to see what direction he goes.

He has created some Ethiopian cuisine that is crazy good. The kids dig some of it and then they have to dig deep to eat the others. It is really good food. It does require a good bit of forethought. He has worked late into the night several times to get the sauces just right so that we can have them for dinner the next evening.

Then there is the ice cream. George got an ice cream maker for Christmas. He has currently created coffee, chocolate, butter pecan, lemon, lime, egg nog, and vanilla. Seriously, he might beat out Baskin Robbins for his rainbow of flavors.

For Amelia's sixth birthday party, he made three different kinds. The rule was: You can only have as much as you want. Amelia's sweet friends tried each kind once and that was just enough as not to take away from their play time outside.

I wish I could say I took more pictures of all of this, but I couldn't locate the camera!

George has also found that he can take a break and still put together words. Four songs have poured out from him. Beautiful lyrics. One called "Thomas Knob" about a hiking trip he took in dangerous icy weather with his dear friend Darrell.

Another, "I like a pick and a shovel just fine but I'd rather be holdin' them young 'uns of mine. When the rooster crows on a Sunday morn, I'll be waitin' on their feet to hit the floor." Amelia and George Wilder love to sing this with him.

One is about a rather large argument we had over the condition of the kitchen after a beer brewing day. I'm never a big fan of the process and no matter how I try to think of ways to enjoy it, I don't. I don't use choice words to let him know I think his beer is better than any in the store. I focus more on the current condition of my kitchen. There are words I use that usually include "disaster" "worse mess ever" "there is stuff everywhere" "Will you ever finish?" Apparently, this doesn't make him feel very successful or good and it doesn't make me feel so great either. Needless to say, he wrote a beautiful sad blues song about it. . . .

"I was clearing up supper this evening, wondering how to make everything shine, knowing you'll see it all in the morning. Will you be reading between the lines" Love songs change as lovers get older. Tell it straight or just make it rhyme. what have you been listenin' to lately are you reading between the lines"

Wow. I've thought a lot about this. I'm working to love straight and I'm not good at it. I should just look at my children and my incredibly talented and handsome husband and make sure I tell them what a gift they are to this life!

Amelia visited a friend with a Macaw. This was her special birthday present. She came home with a new assortment of beautiful feathers to add to her crazy insane feather collection.

Our sweet friend Beka gave Amelia and George Wilder these trinkets that she brought back from her trip to Mexico. They sat on the floor in Amelia's room and made Amelia and George Wilder


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