40weeks + 2days = Waiting

Wow. Here we are. Still admiring the side view, still thinking tonight is the night. Still pondering, dreaming, reading books with the children, waddling from room to room, tiding EVERYTHING, EVERY night before bed, and living in a bright orange pair of old Umbro shorts as long as no one but us is around.

This passage is long and, I must admit, most draining. I honestly didn't think we would get to this point, so, although being late isn't abnormal, I feel abnormal. Every contraction grabs my attention. Every movement -- does the same. Very little can take my mind off of this process. Sleep deprived some nights, banking sleep others, I wonder how this will play out and there is simply no way of knowing.

I've lost trust, worked on having trust, lost joy, gained it back. Lost patience, searched my heart for more, and found I am so very very dependent on strength that is not my own.

Oh how I want to meet our child. I want to feel skin, hear cries, see a face, and ears and toes. The passage from the womb into this world will change everything for the baby and for us. We are ready to have this family member with us!


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