Saving Christmas, Feeding Sheep, Creating Plays

Saving Christmas
It was a surprise. I came home after a morning out and there stood George, our friend Brandon, and the children with proud faces. Across the the table, hooked on chairs, and spread out on the counter lay piles of charred Christmas ornaments. "We saved Christmas mama!"
They did. All the ornaments were there. Some totally fine, some yellow, some black with soot, some coated in something, some already moldy from the rains - but they had saved them. A mama's eye's and heart should have rolled with it, but it was the kitchen and it was covered in a large black mess. I shared my thanks and looked through the piles and joyfully found some favorites in tip top shape. It was hard to avoid the thought process of the aftermath it would create and my attitude sort of showed. The children saved Christmas for mama and I saw a mess to pick up. It took not just a few days, but four to catch the spirit. We've cleaned what we could and tossed the rest. There is a box of ornaments and a few other ceramic and glass pieces ready for the holidays. What joy this will bring us. What an amazing gift my family gave me. It was a moment where I could have been a much better receiver. My family, however, gave a beautiful gift.

Feeding Sheep

And the joys of the little that are actually huge appear here and there. Our sheep -- that have been quite sheepish -- have taken to Amelia. One will let her pet her and has licked molasses off of her hand. My sweet Amelia is even more enamored by animals. She is our little veterinarian. George Wilder has taken on the challenge of helping with the morning chores with the animals. He proudly carries the water. Well, most days.

Creating Plays This morning Amelia announced that she was going to do a play at "Hire Wire". This is actually a cocktail lounge in Athens where George recently performed but she liked the stage and I'm sure imagines it the perfect place for a play. This is what followed:

Amelia: "This is a statue play. I am a red plant. My nickname is "Red Amaranth" My friend will be the statue of Liberty."

George Wilder: "I am Red Blue"

Amelia: "Everyone has red on them but we change colors when we turn around"

Lots of movement and color changing with scarves. Play over.
New Play begins.

George Wilder's Play: "Very Max"

George Wilder: This is about a scarf man. He gives people scarves. He makes the scarves. He sews and sews.

End of play. New play by Amelia.

"Birds of Flight"

Amelia: There are cardinals, eagles, robins, hawks, road runners . .. All different kinds of birds in the desert running away from wolves. I am a shlefer. A crazy bird that dances.

George Wilder: I am a funkily. A crazy bird that dances like he is marching.


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