Cherishing Slow Motion

The wait is coming to an end and now I want to push pause on time or at least move in slow motion for the next seven weeks. It is imminent that there is going to be change. Change from the family of four. We are thrilled beyond what we know thrilled to mean. We want to meet this member of our family who has been hiding out in my womb, but it is also quiet in there. It doesn't cry or need a diaper changed. It doesn't need me to stop what I'm doing and nurse.

I'm torn. Parting is such sweet sorrow and new life is rich and rewarding and miraculous. We are parting with a past and stepping into something new and on top of emotions there are emotions.

It is teaching me the meaning of cherish. I am cherishing all these moments with Amelia and George Wilder. We've played at the lake, at the creek, at the park. We've stayed up late dancing at George's gigs. We've made biscuits together and cookies and sandwiches. We'vedone a lot of fun learning this week. We will still do those things, I'm sure, but there is the slamming of the breaks that will happen and I'm not sure I'm very good at slowing down. I want to get as much done as fast as possible. Funny, I'm having to tell Amelia on a regular basis to "take her time".

So I guess my body is teaching me to "take my time" even now. Slow motion already. The preparation for the slam is now.


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