A Tuesday morning at it's best

George wasn't not so impressed when I asked for Gatorade in bed for the third straight morning in a row. He asked if had already been two weeks. Honestly, I fell 99% percent better after fighting a stomach virus on top of pregnancy; however, I did feel a bit weak in the knees and thought some lemon and lime electrolyte filled juice might start me out on the right foot. Cuddling with the children for several minutes was quite helpful. Especially with George Wilder's antics. . .

George Wilder shows us how long he is. He gets completely flat on his back and holds his arms tight to his side and points his toes down as far as they will go and says, "Look how long I am." He is sure he is the longest. Good thing he can't read a ruler yet! I felt the electrolytes find a home and ventured out to prepare breakfast.

First, unload the dishwasher. Two minutes in, I managed to stab my elbow with a fork. Really stab it. Sticking out and everything. Marathons? Yes. Natural childbirth? Yes. Cleaning up throw up? Yes. Slaughtering chickens? Yes. My own blood? NO!! And it was just a drop really, but it was my blood on my elbow and it hurt in a weird sort of way. So back to the couch to resume the fetal position I've held for days on end. George looked a bit forlorn at the prospect of this setting us back. Fortunately, the children decided to doctor me and after several pokes and prods I felt remarkable better.

Now I'm headed out to shuck corn from the garden. It is beautiful corn. George Wilder just came bursting through the back door. CORN! Like something just gave birth. I ran outside quickly and he stood before his wheel borrow swollen with corn he picked with daddy with the most satisfied look on his sweet face. Off to shuck corn on this Tuesday morning.


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