Empty House

Amelia and George Wilder are at "Grandparent Camp". The perfect win win situation. They are with cousins and Ema and Abuelo and George and I are here -- alone. This has not happened since we were sans children. It is quiet. It is clean. It is sanitized. Well, it isn't really quiet because George is pickin' away at his new banjo. It is beautiful and it sounds amazing. He has played in every room, he has played for the garden and the chickens.

I think the plants love it because they are going crazy. Zucchini. Squash. Cucumbers. Okra. Peppers. Tomatoes. Collards. Beans. Another Type of Beans. Peas. Corn. It is beautiful. He is an garden artist. Really, it is beautiful and delicious!

I thought I would try and complete as many projects as I possibly could, but that didn't happen. I've stopped. Rested. Rested again. Walked around. Rested again. It is lovely. But it is empty. The children fill it with noise, and toys and treasures from outside and dirt from outside. I will love all of this newly when they return. . .


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