And here we are!

The sweet smell of basil fills my nostrils only because I just picked a handful and some of it stuck under my nails. The children are asleep and George studies. It is a gentle day actually. We have a few. 

The fan hums above keeping it reasonably cool in the August heat. The gardens are showing signs of exhaustion, but they don't give up. Squash, peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, watermelon, basil, and okra. I'm afraid to try to make a casserole or add some exotic gourmet spice because the flavor is rich and full. We steam, fry, or saute it, make some pesto, pull out some bread or throw noodles in boiling water. We eat like kings.  It is rich and succulent. We can't stand not to share it with our friends. Who wants to come for dinner? Squash, tomatoes, and pesto!

Yesterday, in the blazing heat, I took a bike ride through the country. The grass was sweet and dry, the fields were green and the animals happy. 


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