Coffee Shop

A little water. A little dirt. Buckets of imagination. They opened at 9:00 a.m. and didn't close the doors until the mud covered dishes were recollected and soaking at 5 p.m.

The Best Food Whale Coffee.

 Amelia made special food for the whales to eat.
Their play was seasoned with the things we've read this week like the rules (The Code of Hammurabi) for the shop.

School met them during their serving breaks.

William loved playing along side them. He pulled weeds from the monkey grass for an hour straight and then played at their feet. He had a lot to say as well.

The rain started in the late afternoon and George let them make us "real" coffee in the kitchen.

A bike ride through puddles.

Friday night pizza turned into Friday night spaghetti (I was out of flour due to "Waffle Friday" breakfast).

 Whale Food

Friday night movie -- "In Cold Blood" -- BBC's reptile documentary. Brilliant.

Music turns on the record player.
It is turning cool -- slightly.


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